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Understanding Dredging

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Our Policy Work

Legislation based on knowledge and best practice - The collective knowledge of the CEDA membership has helped it to remain a well-respected and independent authority on dredging. As such, CEDA regularly gives expert advice to government and international regulatory bodies on issues related to dredging.

Expert commentators

Our aim is to ensure that any legislation pertaining to dredging and hydraulic construction, as well as disposal or placement of dredged sediments, is based on sound technical and scientific knowledge, takes account of best practice, and is ultimately workable. As an impartial organization, CEDA does not engage in lobbying.

We attend relevant meetings of these bodies, provide expert comment on draft documents, submit technical, scientific documents, and contribute to working groups, drafting groups and debates.

Informing members

We regularly inform CEDA members about the discussions and developments within the various bodies to make sure that they remain up-to-date on issues that may affect their work.

International level  

As an official non-governmental observer, or stakeholder, we participate in the work of a number of international organisations. Follow the links below to learn more about what we do:

National level: the CEDA-UK initiative

The UK section of CEDA plays an active role in the development of relevant UK legislation. Recent examples include:

  • CEDA UK’s involvement in the development of the new navigation dredging licensing regime that was introduced in April 2014. CEDA has provided advice through representation at the stakeholder events.  CEDA members were also involved as part of the project team working with government to implement the new regime.  Further government initiatives relevant to CEDA in the UK included the designation of the first tranche of Marine Conservation Zones.  
  • In the UK CEDA is the chair of the UK Water Framework Directive/Marine Strategy Framework Directive Navigation Sector Group. It provides a forum for the navigation industry and government to liaise over legislative progress. 
  • CEDA-UK is also currently hosting the CEDA Liaison Group which is using information from case studies of the use of dredged material to inform evidence-based decision-making by regulators.  Key UK regulators and stakeholders are represented on this group.
  • CEDA-UK also participates in discussions with Defra on inland dredging.