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Temporary pumps protect Netherlands’ polder

Pumping, polders, land reclamation, land draining

06042021 credit Van Heck // van_heck_pumps_credit_van_heck.jpg (143 K)

Caption: The water outlets of two Van Heck pumps onsite for the Murk Polder project (Photo Credit: Van Heck)

Two Van Heck pumps have protected the Murk Polder during an eight-week pumping station renovation project in the Netherlands' province of Friesland. The renovation work, which was carried out by hydraulic engineering company, Schot Infra, began in February and was completed at the end of March.

The De Murk pumping station ensures the water volume of the 25 km2 Murk Polder remains at the correct level. It pumps water out of the polder and into a nearby network of lakes and canals. At 36 years old, however, the pumping station required renovation. Van Heck’s pumps provided a temporary installation to retain the correct water level in the polder whilst the pumping station was out of service.

One of the two electrically powered VP800 Van Heck pumps was running constantly during the works, with the other on standby, a company spokesperson told CEDA Industry News. “By means of our self-developed Van Heck-Connect tool, the pump can be remotely controlled and regulated via the internet,” the spokesperson said. “One pump moves over 7600 m3 of water per hour”.

In a statement, Van Heck said: “Thanks to this advanced system, the pumps never run more than necessary, which is good for the environment and nature.”

The work is being carried out on behalf of the Friesland water authority. The pumping station is located on the Elfsteden skating route near, It Sil Heve, a tiled bridge that commemorates skaters and the local community, which has become a local landmark.

After a successful engineering phase at Van Heck’s test pool in Noordwolde, the pumps were installed on-site and have run as desired to complete the project.

Polders are areas of land protected by dikes that have been reclaimed from seas or rivers by draining an area of water.  According to online sources the Netherlands has around 3000 polders, and 27% of its land mass is below sea level.