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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA Dredging Days: Conference chair outlines this year's event


Professor Cees van Rhee of Delft University of Technology – and chairman of CEDA Dredging Days 2015 Papers Committee – outlines this year’s event

Commission - Board - vanRhee The theme of this year's conference is "Innovative dredging solutions for ports". Dredging and the management of sediments are key elements in the sustainable development and operation of most ports. There is a growing call for them to become greener, more environmentally aware and more responsible with regard to operations. As a result, innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet both economic and environmental objectives and offer opportunities for enhancing or creating natural ecosystems around the port are increasingly important.

We are very happy to have received many papers on this subject, starting with the keynote address of prof. Tiedo Vellinga who has a life time experience with sustainable port development. Since most ports have to handle the influx of sediment by maintenance dredging, innovative methods are presented in a session devoted to sustainable dredge material management. Sediment plumes are created during most dredging activities, hence the topic of plume monitoring and modelling is present on the conference. The latest developments on how to predict, monitor and minimize the effect of sediment plumes on the environment are presented.

A greener port also demands for greener operations in the port, so more energy efficient dredging technology and cleaner fuels will be treated during the conference.

In the traditional Academic Session young professionals will present high quality papers on underwater sound, discrete element modelling of rock cutting and Computational Fluid Dynamics for slurry flows. (Read more about that session here - Ed.)

The CEDA Environment Commission organises this year an interactive session on the topic of sustainable projects. The most important issues will be prioritised through a discussion between the audience and an expert panel.

Also new in this year's event are the Young CEDA fast paced Pitch Talks in the PechaKucha 20x20 style. Students, graduates and young professionals will present and promote their work enabling them to get in contact with experienced professionals in the audience.

In all, thanks to the authors and the papers committee, we’re confident that we’ve put together an interesting programme that will bring you up to speed with dredging’s latest developments.

For 35 years, CEDA Dredging Days has exposed delegates to original peer-reviewed papers with high-value technical content. That hasn't changed. Dredging Days is still the best place to update on the latest.