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Understanding Dredging

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Members of the EU Marine Strategy Navigation Groups - NAVI

The Marine Strategy NAVIgation Group, NAVI,  is a ‘thematic cluster’ of nine navigation sector bodies that exists to disseminate to, and coordinate responses from, the various players in the marine and inland, commercial and recreational navigation and dredging sector. The main goal is to coordinate the exchange of knowledge, experience and views of the participating associations and provide professional advice that can be used in the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). For a brief summary on and CEDA's work related to the MSFD follow the link relevance of the MSFD for the dredging and navigation sector.   

The following organisations are members of NAVI:

Non-lobby, professional organisations

  • CEDA - Central Dredging Association (Chair NAVI)
  • PIANC - International Navigation Association

 Lobby organisations

  • EBA - European Boating Association
  • European Boating Industry
  • ECSA - European Community Shipowners Association
  • ESPO - European Seaports Organisation
  • EuDA - European Dredging Association (corresponding member)
  • ICOMIA - International Council of Marine Industry Associations
  • ISU - International Salvage Union.