CEDA Position Paper on Underwater Sound Published

16 November 2011

Like many other activities, dredging produces underwater sound. Recently, the issue of effects of underwater sound on aquatic life has received broader attention within the scientific community, with stakeholders and the general public.

This position paper, produced by the CEDA Working Group on Underwater Sound

The document includes excellent illustrations of sources of dredging induced underwater sound for different types of equipment.

The position paper was presented and issued during CEDA Dredging Days 2011. Download the document and the presentation file below.

  positionpaper_uws_workgroup.jpg (32.4 K)             positionpaper_uws_frankthomsen.jpg (17.7 K)

Left: The Underwater Sound Working Group at their first meeting. First row from left - Frederik Goethals, Frank Thomsen, Martine Holtkamp
Second row from left -  Frederik Roose, Philip Spadaro, Gerard van Raalte, Pim de Wit

Right: Frank Thomsen, WGUWS Chair, presents the position paper at CEDA Dredging Days 2011


Title and descriptionDownload
PDF documentUnderwater Sound In Relation To Dredging
CEDA Position Paper 7 November 2011
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PDF documentPresentation at CEDA Dredging Days 2011
Frank Thomsen, Chair, CEDA WGUS
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